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Swell AI is the best AI writer for podcasters. We help build content pipelines for your podcast. Integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive, RSS and more. Manage multiple podcasts from a single dashboard.

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How it works

Upload. Generate. Publish.

Simple, easy to use interface. Import your media, generate a content, and export anywhere.

Transcript Editor

Highlight & Clip

Our transcript editor allows you to highlight and clip sections of your transcript. Clips are automatically saved and can be accessed by the rest of your team.

AI Suggestions
The editor will suggest spicy sections in your transcript. Just highlight and clip!
Speaker Labels
Speakers are automatically identified and labeled in your transcript.
Public Sharing
Share your transcript with the world or your team with a shareable link.
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We have worked with thousands of amazing businesses

“Done! Seriously, this is an amazing product and is going to save us so much time. I will definitely be talking about it to others! With all the hype about Chat GPT, I think people are searching for the possibilities. And I have not found anything else that has these features. Fantastic!”

Colleen Benelli

“This is an incredible service. What a game changer. Please keep working on it and improving it. Bands have roadies and A.I. like Swell is just a digital roadie and the rest is up to me; I gotta deliver a good show; I still gotta write hits. Roadies just make life better. THANK YOU.”


“It's honestly magic. We use this for podcast post-production and content writing. What people normally have a team for, one person can do easily. We take Swell's outputs and have our writer repurpose the content.”

Sarah Jacobson
Cofounder and CEO of FairStreet

“This is wonderful. Thank you so much for your help! SwellAI has been an integral part of my podcast workflow and Im glad that the customer service matches the actual service! Thank you again.”


“Your app is amazing and will be a huge asset for my business.”


“We had a backlog of podcasts that I've been wanting to get written up. I had my team just copy the YouTube URLs into Swell and it generated all the articles. We did in a day what would have taken us three months.”

Cody McGuffie
CEO and Founder of EverBee

“You all are amazing I am so thankful for Swell!!! you have made content creations more fun! Thank you”

Tammy Holyfield
Owner of Holyfield International


Pricing for all production needs

Cancel at any time. 100% no questions asked refunds. Message us for high volume custom pricing.


Try us at no cost


1 uploads($0.000/upload)

Choose Plan

What's included

  • 1 upload a month
  • Swell ChatGPT
  • Sources & Destinations
  • Clips with watermark
  • Documents & Templates
  • Generative titles, summaries, shownotes, speaker bio's, keywords, entities and blog posts
  • Over 100 supported languages



3 hours(0.097/min)

What's included

  • Swell ChatGPT
  • Sources & Destinations
  • No watermark on clips
  • Documents & Templates
  • Generative titles, summaries, shownotes, speaker bio's, keywords, entities and blog posts
  • Over 100 supported languages
  • Premium Customer Support


Everything you need


Everything and...

  • API Access
  • 99.99% SLA uptime
  • Custom pricing tier
  • Priority feature requests
  • Access to custom onboarding, education and a dedicated account manager
  • Enterprise-grade security with SSO, advanced privacy controls and SCIM
  • Robust workspace visibility and control with audit logs, content activity reports, and data retention policies

Pay as you go

Only pay for what you need and access all of our features for $8.99 an hour.

Finally, everything in one place...

Our writing platform is flexible and powerful

We have built a writing tool that is flexible enough to handle any type of content. Whether you are writing podcast shownotes, transcripts, blog posts, or even a book, we have you covered.

📝 Podcast shownotes
Our AI podcast shownotes writes detailed summaries, time-stamps, key topics and more so you spend less time doing podcast SEO.
⏱ Transcripts
Transcripts for your content to easily go to specific sections to get more context or find more quotes.
📚 Articles
Long-format detailed articles written in the tone of the podcast episode. Formatted for readability and SEO ready to publish to your blog.
🎬 Podcast Summaries
Detailed AI podcast summaries that include the contents referenced keywords. Built to rank your content better wherever you publish it.
💼 LinkedIn Posts
Get detailed LinkedIn posts about your episode so you're always a thought leader.
🧵 Twitter Threads
Twitter threads with the core ideas to get more listens to the episode.
📺 Social posts
Get LinkedIn posts, Twitter threads, Instagram captions and more for your podcast episodes. Easily drop into a Canva template or paste into your social media scheduling app.
🏷 Titles
Get a list of titles and select your favorite. Makes brainstorming easy as cake.

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We do more than just content...

Build chat bots for your podcast episodes

Every uploaded episode comes with a trained chat bot that your audience can engage with.

Ask this Episode anything!

Powered by Swell AI, this is a chatbot that can answer anything about this episode.

Ask this Episode anything!

Powered by Swell AI, this is a chatbot that can answer anything about this episode.

Ask this Episode anything!

Powered by Swell AI, this is a chatbot that can answer anything about this episode.

Integrations for every workflow

We easily fit into you or your team's podcast production workflow. Nothing new to learn, so much to gain.

Apple Podcast

Apple Podcast

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

RSS Feed

RSS Feed

Zoom Cloud

Zoom Cloud

Dropbox Folder

Dropbox Folder

Google Drive

Google Drive

One Drive

One Drive





Produce faster

An Enterprise API

We've built an API that allows you to scale your podcast production workflow.

Template driven
Inspired by Sendgrid, Mailchimp, and Postmark, we allow you to create and apply templated content to your media.
Simple, REST
A simple REST API that allows you to create, generate, and manage your content.
Developer friendly
Documented and easy to use, we make it easy to integrate with your existing workflow.
Product screenshot

Easily manage multiple podcasts in one dashboard

Built for productivity

Create projects for each podcast you manage. Have unique integrations for every podcast. Keep your team organized and your content engine turning.

Product screenshot

Bulk import and backfill

Import your existing catalog

Connect your RSS Feed or Apple Podcast and select which episodes you want imported. Get detailed show notes, articles, and whatever else you want written about each episode. Easily export all content files to Google Drive or Dropbox so you can share with your team.

Product screenshot