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AI podcast summarizer

Summarize podcasts automatically with AI

AI podcast summarizer that automatically generates podcast summaries and show notes. Upload an episode and the the AI writes custom summaries based on key insights.  What used to take hours now only takes minutes.

Produce faster

Why use an AI podcast summarizer

AI is making podcast production easier than ever. Here's why using an AI podcast summarizer is better.

  • Consistency Swell AI helps solo podcasters, agencies and networks consistently summarize episodes, ensuring repeatable outputs.

  • Cost effective AI podcast summarizers eliminate costs of outsourcing podcast show note writing. Get summaries and much more for about 1$ an episode.

  • Content repurposing Make podcast summaries and so much more from your content. Create content for every channel you're trying to do marketing on.


We work with thousands of amazing businesses

“One of THE ABSOLUTE BEST content creation platforms (and team!) that our crew has worked with, hands down. The founders (Max and Cody) always do their best to make themselves personally accessible to troubleshoot when snags arise. Plus, it’s palpable how sincerely eager they are to help upgrade the content creation experience — for newbies and pros alike! It’s not just their skillset and superpowers they bring to the table…it’s their authentic generosity of spirit to WANT to help fellow creators amplify their message that makes it such a pleasure to work with. Worth every penny, and then some. Excited to watch these guys grow and rise up in the AI space!”

“Done! Seriously, this is an amazing product and is going to save us so much time. I will definitely be talking about it to others! With all the hype about Chat GPT, I think people are searching for the possibilities. And I have not found anything else that has these features. Fantastic!”

Colleen Benelli

“This is an incredible service. What a game changer. Please keep working on it and improving it. Bands have roadies and A.I. like Swell is just a digital roadie and the rest is up to me; I gotta deliver a good show; I still gotta write hits. Roadies just make life better. THANK YOU.”


“It's honestly magic. We use this for podcast post-production and content writing. What people normally have a team for, one person can do easily. We take Swell's outputs and have our writer repurpose the content.”

Sarah Jacobson

Cofounder and CEO of FairStreet

“This is wonderful. Thank you so much for your help! SwellAI has been an integral part of my podcast workflow and Im glad that the customer service matches the actual service! Thank you again.”



“Your app is amazing and will be a huge asset for my business.”


“We had a backlog of podcasts that I've been wanting to get written up. I had my team just copy the YouTube URLs into Swell and it generated all the articles. We did in a day what would have taken us three months.”

Cody McGuffie

CEO and Founder of EverBee

“You all are amazing I am so thankful for Swell!!! you have made content creations more fun! Thank you”

Tammy Holyfield

Owner of Holyfield International

Finally, everything in one place...

Turn audio or video content into all formats

We help you turn your audio or video into clips, blog posts, newsletters and so much more. Whether you are writing podcast shownotes, transcripts, blog posts, or even a book, we have you covered.

⏱ Transcripts

Transcripts for your content to easily go to specific sections to get more context or find more quotes.

📝 Podcast shownotes

Our AI podcast shownotes writes detailed summaries, time-stamps, key topics and more so you spend less time doing podcast SEO.

📚 Blog posts

Long-format detailed articles written in the tone of the podcast episode. Formatted for readability and SEO ready to publish to your blog.

🎬 Podcast Summaries

Detailed AI podcast summaries that include the contents referenced keywords. Built to rank your content better wherever you publish it.

💼 LinkedIn Posts

Get detailed LinkedIn posts about your episode so you're always a thought leader.

🧵 Twitter Threads

Twitter threads with the core ideas to get more listens to the episode.

✉️ Newsletters

Get detailed email newsletters written about your episodes.

📺 Video shorts

AI generated shorts for YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram.  

🔊 Audiograms

Get a list of titles and select your favorite. Makes brainstorming easy as cake.

🏷 Audiograms

Get a list of titles and select your favorite. Makes brainstorming easy as cake.

Getting started...

How to summarize podcasts with Swell AI 

1. Signup for Swell AI

Sign up here, for a free Swell AI account. It takes seconds. takes just a few seconds. Free plan available!

2. Upload and generate content

Just upload an audio or video file and get your podcast summary written by the AI with zero work.
Unlimited writing outputs. Create unlimited clips.